Our experienced team

of about 90 employees from 10 nations consists on the one hand of electronic technicians, mechanics and field technicians and on the other hand of specialised engineers, geologists and geophysicists. They advise our customers and develop innovative solutions for almost every measurement task in geotechnics and hydrogeology.

Benefits - Solexperts AG, Switzerland

  • Progressive working conditions
    Member of a collective labour agreement (CLA), benefits are above the statutory minimum
  • Holidays
    5 weeks holiday
    Parking / Public transport
  • Free parking / good public transport connections (bus stop 3 min. away)
    Personal and professional development
  • after one year of employment, at least 5 working days per year are available for further training
  • Above-average insurance benefits
    - SUVA accident insurance against occupational and non-occupational accidents
    - UVG supplementary insurance, covers accident damage in addition to SUVA (privately insured)
    - Daily sickness benefit insurance
    fully financed by the employer
  • Staff pension scheme
    Financially stable pension fund, insures full AHV-liable salary without coordination deduction
  • 2 weeks paternity leave
    Full salary payment by employer

Avantages sociaux - Solexperts France SARL

  • Membre de la convention collective applicable aux salariés des Bureaux d'Études Techniques, des Cabinets d'Ingénieurs-Conseils et des Sociétés de Conseils (SYNTEC)
  • Prime de 13ème mois et prime d'intéressement
  • Mutuelle et prévoyance de groupe
  • Parking privé / Bonne desserte par les transports publics (arrêt de bus à 3 min)
  • Cadre de travail agréable

Benefits - Solexperts GmbH, Germany

  • Progressive working conditions
  • 6 weeks holiday
  • Encouragement of professional development and professional exchanges
  • Above-average expense allowance
  • Free parking / good public transport connections

Heidi Najem

Secretary and HR Specialist

T 0041 44 806 29 36