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International, innovative and customer-oriented in geotechnics and hydrogeology since 1947

Solexperts AG (soil experts) was founded in 1947 by Giovanni Rodio. Until 1973 Solexperts was an engineering office and soil mechanics laboratory for the Rodio Solétanche Group.

Since 1990 Solexperts AG is an independent company with today about 80 employees in Switzerland, France (Solexperts France SARL) and Germany (Solexperts GmbH, MeSy in Bochum, GTC Kappelmeyer in Karlsruhe). We developed measurement methods and instruments for numerous projects with our electronic and mechanical workshops and built up an excellent reputation worldwide with our instruments and in-situ testing. The orientation of Solexperts is consistently aligned with the new needs of the energy transition in terms of characterization and monitoring of the geosphere. In recent years, an ambitious R&D strategy was pursued to develop new measurement systems and procedures using the latest technologies. Clients are mainly leading scientific institutions, but also construction/engineering companies, government agencies and local authorities.



Short distances between planning and production are a key to our success

The engineering office and the electronic and mechanical workshops are all under one roof. Engineers, geomaticians, mechanical engineers, hydrogeologists, geophysicists and computer scientists work together with the electronic and mechanical technicians in the in-house workshops to develop and build our standard instruments and, above all, many custom-made products and prototypes. From the design to the production, the construction is carried out according to ISO certified procedures (we are SN EN ISO 9001 certified since 2007).

 A high degree of flexibility, rapid realisation and the possibility of quickly implementing our customers' optimisation ideas are all possible due to our extended production infrastructure. This constellation significantly contributes to customer satisfaction.

hiDCon production

in-situ workshop

mechanical workshop

electronic workshop

fibre optic workshop, France

Autoclave, MeSy Bochum

rock mechanics laboratory, MeSy Bochum