Since its foundation in 1947 by Giovanni Rodio, Solexperts AG has been closely associated with research. Giovanni Rodio together with Professor Karl Terzaghi, the founder of soil mechanics.

1. Director

Professor Daxelhofer, director of Solexperts from 1949 - 1951 and later professor at the EPFL.

Arno Thut

1973; Arno Thut becomes Managing Director and begins a close partnership with the Institute of Geotechnics at ETHZ and Professor Kalman Kovári

Sliding Micrometer and Trivec

1970s and early 1980s; development of the line-by-line measurement systems Sliding Micrometer and Trivec

 Niagara Falls, an early application of the sliding micrometer

Grimsel rock laboratory,

1982; Nagra's Grimsel rock laboratory, start of experimental research for radioactive waste disposal


1990s; Solexperts is the first in the world to automate levelling instruments and total stations,

Development of GeoMonitor and Davis (data acquisition and data visualisation systems)

Mont Terri rock laboratory

1996; start of Mont Terri rock laboratory, Solexperts is the main contractor for instrumentation until today


2003; Development of hiDCon upsetting elements (2004 patent Prof. Kalman Kovári)

Solexperts France

2002; Foundation of Solexperts SARL, start of the ANDRA rock laboratory Bure, Solexperts is still the main contractor for the instrumentation of the geotechnical, hydrogeological and geochemical experiments.

CO2 sequestration experiments

2005; Start of CO2 sequestration experiments in the Mont Terri rock laboratory with Swisstopo, Chevron, BRGM and later ETHZ


2010; Acquisition of MeSy (Prof. Rummel), foundation of MeSy-Solexperts GmbH

Measuring dissolved gases

2010; Start of development of borehole probes for measuring dissolved gases in collaboration with Prof. Pironon and Prof. de Donato, Georessources, University of Lorraine


2014; Arno Thut regulates succession, MBO of Thomas Trick and Thomas Fierz.

ETH Bedretto rock laboratory

2017; Start of ETH Bedretto rock laboratory for geothermal energy BULG, close cooperation with GeoEnergie Suisse and ETH.

GTC Kappelmeyer

2017; Acquisition of GTC Kappelmeyer, specialised in leak detection and distributed fibre-optic temperature tower measurement