hiDCon® is a cement-bound building material that can absorb deformations of up to 50% of its component height under defined loads. It is used in construction to optimise the structure with controlled allowance of deformations or to absorb energy in dynamic applications.

Examples of applications:
- Tunnel construction with compressive or swelling rock.
- Limiting anchor tensile forces
- Infrastructure constructions in creep slopes
- Deformation absorption under thermal effects (icing)
- Deformation absorption under dynamic load

Convergent shotcrete lining with high load-bearing capacity

In 2004, the first tunnel section was equipped with the highly deformable hiDCon® concrete elements. The beam elements were installed in the shotcrete lining to support the rock while allowing controlled convergence of the tunnel. The hiDCon® elements have been continuously developed and a number of applications, mostly in compressive or swelling conditions, could be realised.

Modular squeeze system

The most important properties of hiDCon® elements

  • High deformation capacity with almost constant load resistance
  • Increasing load resistance at the end of the deformation capacity
  • Variability of shape and dimensions of the crush elements
  • Control of load-bearing and deformation properties
  • Use of approved base materials
  • Insignificant creep with constant long-term loading

High ductility - high stress level

are generated by

  • the high-strength concrete matrix with porous aggregates
  • specially formed reinforcement with fibres
  • and controlled closing of the pores with prevented lateral expansion until material consolidation (e*)

Element types




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