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Due to the many years of experience of our highly qualified specialists, we can offer the best possible support for geotechnical and hydrogeological problems - with solid measurement concepts, globally recognised measuring procedures, instrumentation, monitoring methods and in-situ tests.

Calculations alone do not adequately reflect the interaction between the structure and the ground. Rock mechanical, geotechnical and hydrogeological measurements provide more reliable information.


Determination of in-situ stresses

Knowledge of the in-situ primary stresses in the subsurface is a prerequisite for the design of underground structures with regard to their dimensioning and long-term stability. The only method for direct measurement of in-situ stresses is hydraulic fracturing (HF) or hydraulic testing of pre-existing fractures (HTPF).


Elements in Tunnelling

hiDCon® is a cement-based construction material, which can deform by as much as 50% of the height of the construction element under defined loads. It is used in areas of civil engineering where the resulting stress in supporting structures should be limited to maximum values under a controlled amount of deformation.


GTC Kappelmeyer

GTC Kappelmeyer® is specialised in the fields of thermal leakage detection und temperature measurements. GTC Kappelmeyer® has developed the patented Temperature Sounding Method, which is used worldwide for hydraulic engineering, civil and underground engineering, landfill construction and pipeline construction

Solexperts France

Solexperts France

Solexperts France was founded in 2002 in view of the research programmes at ANDRA's rock laboratory CMHM (Centre de Meuse/Haute-Marne). Today, the 12 or so engineers and geologists are an integral part of the research community at the CHMH in Bure. Solexperts France has diversified considerably in recent years and is now active throughout France with all the services of the Solexperts Group.