International expertise in geotechnics and hydrogeology

The Solexperts Group is involved in renowned projects worldwide with geotechnical and hydrogeological instrumentation and field tests. The projects include tunnelling, hydraulic engineering, special civil engineering, wind energy plants and research projects for nuclear waste disposal as well as for geothermal energy and the sequestration of CO2.


Geotechnical instrumentation, measurements and field tests provide reliable information on the in-situ behaviour of structures located in difficult ground. They also form the basis for safe, cost-optimised and time-optimised construction.


Groundwater is an important ressource that has to be protected. At the same time, groundwater is also a risk factor – for example in civil engineering – and, in addition, is a transport medium for pollutants.


The development and use of automatic data acquisition systems (DAS) has been a major activity within Solexperts for more than 20 years.

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Innovation, expertise in geotechnics and hydrogeology

Solexperts AG (soil experts) was founded in 1947 by Giovanni Rodio. Until 1973 Solexperts was an engineering office and soil mechanics laboratory for the Rodio Solétanche Group.

Since 1990 Solexperts AG has been an independent company with today about 90 employees, in Switzerland, France (Solexperts France SARL) and Germany (Solexperts GmbH, MeSy in Bochum, GTC Kappelmeyer in Karlsruhe).

We have developed measurement methods and instruments for numerous projects with our electronic and mechanical workshops and have been able to build up an excellent reputation worldwide with our instruments and in-situ testing.

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Over 40 years of experience of highly qualified specialists ensure optimal support for geotechnical and hydrogeological projects - with 
solid measurement concepts, globally recognised measurement procedures, instrumentation, observation methods and field tests.

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