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29.09.2022 / VAHRN (ITALY);

WORKSHOP: NATURAL HYDROGENE RESSOURCES IN THE ALPS – From Exploration to an Economic Production

Hydrogen will become very important in the energy transition from fossil to low-carbon and renewable energy sources. Currently, hydrogen is produced almost exclusively by technical methods that are very energy-intensive. Natural hydrogen has been successfully explored at various geological locations around the world and has great potential to become an important, additional energy source.

So far, several studies have been conducted that demonstrate the occurrence and potential economic use of natural hydrogen (see e.g. Gaucher, 2020, Zgonnik, 2020). The following video provides a good overview:

There are also host rocks in the Alps where an accumulation of natural hydrogen can be assumed. The aim of this expert workshop is to identify and develop possible exploration and development strategies in the Alpine region.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 29 September 2022 at the IBI Euregio Competence Centre in Vahrn (Italy) and will be organised as a hybrid event.

June 2022, 75 years of Solexperts and 20 years of Solexperts France

The employees of the Solexperts Group celebrate the two milestone birthdays with a lively summer party on Lake Zurich. 

April 2022, hiDSte Patent in Japan

In Japan, there are many tunnel projects related to the high-speed network of the Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) project. Kajima, Taisei Kiso and Obayashi, three of the largest construction companies in Japan, have great interest in our hiDSte and hiDCon elements for compliant tunnel lining in tunnel sections with difficult geology.

April 2022, Solexperts IoT, first projects are on the new platform

With the rapid development of digitalisation, many new possibilities are opening up, so today we are taking a very comprehensive approach based on the latest IOT technology. Data acquisition, data transmission (with and without cables), database, automated processes such as analysis and visualisation of data, alarms, controls, documentation or interfaces to advanced analysis tools (e.g. digital twin) are components of this integral monitoring system. Here is a link to a demo page. 


ISFMG Conference 4 - 7 September 2022

Solexperts will attend the ISFMG conference in London and present 4 publications.

Category Dams and Embankments. State of the art monitoring solutions of water retaining structures. Axel Fabritius, Barbara Heinemann-Glutsch, Gaël Dumont

How can reliable, high quality in-situ test data related to a hydro power project exploration phase help to improve the tunnel or cavern design, reduce risks and save costsGerd Klee, Thomas Trick

Cloud-based 3D digital twin and fiber optic instrumentation of a pre-stressed concrete bridge for the continuous evaluation and monitoring of its structural condition. Massimo Penasa, Benjamin Helminger


March 2022, interesting reverse head application,

Project: Unico Terzo Valico dei Giovi - Nodi di Genova, Genoa-Milan, the high-speed line connecting Italy with the centre of Europe.

October 2021, patent submission: fibre optic flowmeter

Measurement method for measuring flow velocities using systems of distributed temperature sensors.


November 2021, patent submission baLCon®.

The highly deformable concrete for the hiDCon elements used in tunnel construction is also suitable as a ballistic protection material. The suitability was recently proven in a ballistic test by armasuisse Wissenschaft und Techolgie W + T Prüfstelle Angriffshemmung. Solexperts has filed a patent application for the use of this highly deformable concrete as an interceptor and tactical barrier at the end of 2021.