Double Packer Standard Systems (DPSS)

Our Double Packer Standard Systems (DPSS) are used in boreholes up to 300 m depth. The test equipment includes the borehole instrumentation (packer with test rod, probe, valve), the control unit for flow and pressure and the data acquisition.

Test procedure

The following test procedures can be carried out with the DPSS to determine the hydraulic parameters:

  • Lugeon tests
  • Injection / pumping test with constant pressure difference ("Constant Head Test")
  • Injection / pumping test with constant flow rate ("Constant Rate Test")
  • Pressure recovery after Constant Head / Rate Test
  • Slug test
  • Positive or negative pressure pulse (Pulse Test)


Giacomo Ruggia

Engineering Geologist ETHZ

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Dr. Nathan Dutler

Geophysist / Hydrogeologist CHYN

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