The most effective IoT tool for long-term hydrogen monitoring in subsurface

SurfMoG H2 is the result of the expertise and union of a French company, 45-8 ENERGY, and a Swiss company, SOLEXPERTS. 45-8 ENERGY’s knowledge of subsurface and expertise into industrial gases, coupled with SOLEXPERTS' recognised skills in terms of mechanics and electronic, led to the creation of the most effective IoT tools currently on the market for accurately and continuously monitor hydrogen in the subsurface over long periods of time: SurfMoG H2


SurfMoG H2 is composed of:

  • An interchangeable gas analysis chamber, with an electrochemical sensor for hydrogen measurements up to 40,000 ppm (4%).
  • An inox probe, designed specifically to withstand the subsurface’s constraints, houses the sensor, battery and communication system.
  • A highly-resistant plastic cover, to protect antenna and assure accurate data transmission without interference from the probe's installation environment.


  • Inox 316 for probe & casing
  • Diameter of the Probe: 7 cm / 2.8 inches
  • Height of the Probe: 100 cm / 39 inches
  • Weight of the Probe: 8 kg
  • Interchangeable gas analysis chamber


  • Hydrogen electrochemical sensor: 0 – 40 000 ppm
  • Temperature sensor
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C - 50°C
  • Operating humidity range: 10-90%

Data Acquisition & Transmission

  • Measurements at 1m depth
  • Sampling rate: 2 times per hour (adjustable)
  • Operating life: 1 year
  • Communication standards: GPRS
  •  Data package transmission: 1 time/day

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Yanick Lettry

Geologe / Hydrogeologist CHYN

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Médéric Piedevache

Engineering Geologist ENSG

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