Pressure sensor with data logger SDL for piezometer

The pressure sensor with data logger SDL for piezometers is a compact system for automatic detection of water levels. Its design and shape allow it to be installed directly in a 2'' (or larger) pipe.

Measurements of the pore water pressure or the filling level

The level is measured with a piezoresistive sensor that is lowered into a borehole and connected to a data logger.

  • Type:                                                               piezoresistive (vibrating wire on request)
  • Measuring ranges:                                         1, 3, 10, 30 bar (absolute), relative or other ranges on request
  • Linearity                                                          +/- 0,2 %
  • Temperature compensation in the range:    -10...+80°C
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement       +/- 1°C other ranges on request

Power supply

Power is supplied by a lithium battery (or alkaline batteries if desired); the minimum autonomy is 48 months with a measurement interval of 1 hour and daily data transmission.

Data storage

Loss-free acquisition of 1'000'000 measured values including a time reference (for 4 channels).


With the "SDL-Tool" software, the loggers are configured easily and securely either with a direct connection to the PC or remotely via the WebDAVIS server

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