Pump-Down Packer Systems (PDPS)

Conducting hydrogeological tests in horizontal boreholes during drilling progress at high formation water pressures requires special measuring equipment.

Solexperts developed the so-called Pump-Down Packer System, which is based on the wireline drilling method. The packer system is pumped through the drill string, similar to an inner core barrel, and is retrieved at the end of the test with the help of a catcher and the core rope. The PDPS can be safely inserted and removed through a loading chamber and a valve at the borehole mouth. The borehole can be closed at any time, as no test rods or cables are used.

The PDPS can also be used for long directional boreholes, as the installation and removal times of the system and thus the downtime of the drilling rig are considerably reduced compared to conventional test systems with test rods and cables.

Example Lötschberg base tunnel, Mitholz tunnelling phase

Horizontal exploratory drilling to locate and characterise the water-bearing sections.


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