Sihlsee dam „In den Schlagen“

Buoyancy measurement with Solexperts Multi-Packer Piezometer System (MPPiS)

Solexperts AG was commissioned by Etzelwerk AG to install a new buoyancy measurement system in the "In den Schlagen" dam. The contract included the construction of 8 boreholes and their instrumentation by Solexperts Multi-Packer Piezometer Systems (MPPiS).

Multi-Packer Piezometer Systems

8 boreholes were instrumented with Multi-Packer Piezometer Systems (MPPiS). The multi-packer system essentially consists of the following modular units:

  • Filter tube with interval access
  • Pressure sensor integrated in filter tube
  • Packer with inflatable sleeve
  • Packer inflation line
  • Piezometer pipes PVC (DN25)
  • stainless steel end pipe

Michael Kech

Product Manager KVZ

T +41 (0) 44 806 29 54

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