hiDSte® – high Deformable Steel elements

Flexible tunnel lining

To overcome  zones with squeezing conditions in tunnel construction, the most economical solution is to use a deformable lining system. It is safe, time-saving and avoids re-profiling. In highly squeezing conditions, hiDSte elements with I-profiles provide the requested deformability and the required high lining resistance.

The combination of hiDCon and hiDSte elements in a lining is shown schematically in the adjacent figure. For securing the working face, it is very advantageous to first emplace the steel arches. The shotcrete lining with the hiDCon elements can then be placed later.

Yielding tunnel lining concept with shotcrete, steel arches, hiDCon and hiDSte elements by Prof. Kalman Kovári

Load-deformation mechanism

The load-deformation mechanism is shown in the adjacent figure. With a convergence Δu, the rock pressure is reduced by Δp.

The hiDSte - element

The hiDSte element is basically a thick-walled steel cylinder that deforms plastically. The design parameters of the element depend on the size of the I-profile, the number of elements per arch and the required convergence capacity. The elements have a high structural stiffness. During assembly, they can absorb high bending moments and lateral forces. Even without shotcrete, high stability can be achieved with longitudinal bracing.


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