Packer systems for geochemical experiments

Geochemistry plays an important role in the storage of radioactive waste in deep geological repositories. The chemical composition of the host rock and groundwater is the subject of many investigations. The transport properties of the host rock and the influences of the construction and operation of a repository on the geochemistry are clarified in rock laboratory experiments. Especially on behalf of ANDRA and Nagra, Solexperts developed many special packer systems and new experimental techniques for in-situ geochemical experiments.

Selection of gochemical in-situ experiments equipped with Solexperts special packer systems

  • Diffusion and migration experiments of radionuclides (ambient and with elevated temperature)
  • Corrosion experiments (ambient and with elevated temperature)
  • Gas transport experiments (H2)
  • Pore water sampling (ambient and with elevated temperature)
  • High-pH experiments (influence of cement on geochemistry)
  • Bioreactor experiments (microbiology)


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