Hydraulic borehole tests

In-situ tests are carried out as part of preliminary hydrogeological investigations to plan efficient drainage systems for tunnel, dam or civil engineering projects or to better assess the risk of possible water inrush.

Solexperts offers high-quality equipment and procedures for hydrogeological in-situ exploration. In addition to the classic Lugeon and pumping tests, we also carry out packer pumping tests, slug, pulse and drill stem tests.


Hydrogeological investigation of Lake Trift, Grimsel region, Switzerland

Preliminary exploration of the Triftsee









Dr. Thomas Trick

Hydrogeologist UPC

Managing director Solexperts AG and branches /
Manager Solexperts France SARL /
Manager Solexperts GmbH

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Karam Kontar

Engineering Geologist
Hydrogeologist CHYN

Member of the extended executive board
Division Manager Hydrogeology / Hydrogeological instrumentation and tests / Hydro-tests in shallow and deep boreholes

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Giacomo Ruggia

Engineering Geologist ETHZ

Project leader

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Dr. Nathan Dutler

Geophysist / Hydrogeologist CHYN

Project Manager

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Dr. Matthias Willmann


Project manager hydrogeology and in-situ testing

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