Asse mine: In-situ tests in the exploratory boreholes R10 and R11

The Asse II mine is located in Remlingen, district of Wolfenbüttel (about 10 km south-east of the city of Wolfenbüttel). It was operated from 1909 to 1964 for the extraction of potash and rock salt. In the period between 1969 and 1978, about 126,000 containers of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste were emplaced in the decommissioned Asse II salt mine.

Within the framework of the planning approval procedure for the decommissioning of the Asse II mine, a precise site characterisation is required. In particular, the southern flank of the salt dome is affected, as overburden solution already enters the mine workings. The aim of the two exploratory boreholes is to obtain reliable information on potential migration paths of the inflow solution and on existing fracture systems.

To improve the data base, the exploratory boreholes R10 and R11 were drilled. A geoscientific investigation programme was carried out in the boreholes. Therefore, Solexperts GmbH performed the hydraulic fracturing tests, the hydraulic packer tests and the dilatometer tests. The detailed evaluation and documentation of the tests was also part of the contract.  


Dr. Thomas Trick

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Dr. Nathan Dutler

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Gerd Klee


Member of the extended executive board
Branch manager Solexperts GmbH Bochum
Hydrofrac tests / Geomechanical laboratory tests

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Dr. Ursula Rösli

Geologist ETHZ

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