MeSy® maintains its own laboratory for rock mechanics and rock physics at the Bochum site, which meets national and international standards. Close cooperation with the engineering geology/rock construction and experimental geophysics working groups at the Ruhr University Bochum means that a wide range of laboratory tests can be offered.

Among other tests, the following can be carried out:

  • Determination of basic physical properties such as density, permeability, porosity and water content.
  • Determination of the velocity of elastic waves
  • Uniaxial and triaxial deformation and fracture tests with servo-controlled testing machines
  • Shear tests on interfaces
  • Determination of tensile strength
  • Determination of abrasivities and decomposition resistances

Our services include sample preparation, data evaluation, graphical presentation and reporting.
A summary of the possible tests including the current price list can be found in the download below.

Our expert staff will be pleased to assist you with individual tests.