Monitoring; storage, evaluation and visualisation of measurement data, Solexperts IOT

With the rapid development of digitalisation, many new possibilities are opening up, so that today we are pursuing a very comprehensive approach based on the latest IOT technology. Data acquisition, data transmission (with and without cables), database, automated processes such as analysis and visualisation of data, alarms, controls, documentation or interfaces to advanced analysis tools (e.g. digital twin) are components of this integral monitoring system. 




Tom Renner

Mechanical Engineer

System developer

T 0041 44 806 29 88

Holger Wörsching

Civil Engineer

Member of the extended executive board
Division manager geotechnics /
Development of measuring systems / TDR probes /
Geotechnical instrumentation and measurements

T 0041 44 806 29 43

Samuel Fournier-Bidoz

Geotechnical engineer Ing. UGA

Project Manager Geotechnics and Monitoring

T 0041 44 806 29 46

Dr. Thomas Trick

Hydrogeologist UPC

Managing director Solexperts AG and branches /
Manager Solexperts France SARL /
Manager Solexperts GmbH

T 0041 44 806 29 81