Rock laboratory tests

Solexperts collaborates with national and international organisations in radioactive waste repository research. These include NAGRA, ENSI, Swisstopo, PSI, EAWAG, ETHZ, EPFL and CHYN (Switzerland), ANDRA, CEA and IRSN (France), BfS, BGR, GRS, DBE, RWTH and KTI (Germany), ENRESA (Spain), SCK-CEN and ONDRAF (Belgium), CRIEPI, JAEA, NUMO (Japan), KRMC/KAERI (Korea) and BRIUG (China). Repository projects place the highest quality demands on instrumentation, test performance, data analysis and reporting.

Hydrogeological, rock-mechanical or geochemical investigations and instrumentation in the very low-permeability host rocks require special expertise. The entire field of activity of Solexperts benefits from the know-how gained in these demanding experiments .

Geothermal energy and sequestration of CO2 

Current experiments on deep geothermal energy or CO2 sequestration benefit from our experimental know-how acquired in the rock laboratories over the last 40 years. At the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory, we have been involved in CO2 sequestration experiments for more than ten years. The ETH runs the Bedretto rock laboratory with a focus on deep geothermal energy, where our expertise is also requested. 



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