SDL-Solexperts Data Logger

The SDL was developed as a field-compatible data logger. The SDL - Solexperts Data Logger - is a versatile, compact data logger with data transmission options.

SDL - The all-rounder

Its autonomy and energy-efficient operation make the SDL a cost-effective solution for monitoring tasks in geotechnics and hydrogeology. 4 (type SDLxs) or 16 sensors with various interfaces can be connected to the SDL. The measured values are queried, converted and stored in a standardised, freely adjustable measuring interval. With the LTE extension, the data can be transferred regularly and alarms triggered in the event of critical conditions.

The SDL can be extended by one or more Solexperts Bus Interfaces (SBI) via bus cable. Additional sensors are connected to the SBI and their signals are converted. The measured values are stored in the SDL. In this way, a small, decentralised data acquisition system can be set up or an existing system can be easily expanded to record up to 250 sensors.

Our service

 We support you in your measuring tasks:

  • Consultancy and development of an intelligent measurement concept
  • Configuration of the SDL data logger in the factory and from the office via the  Solexperts IoT platform
  • Installation and commissioning on site
  • Transfer of measurement data to Solexpert's IoT platform or the customer's FTP server
  • Data storage and backup in daily data backups
  • Visualisation of the data on the Solexperts IoT platform
  • Data backup on data carriers after the end of the project


Autonomous data logging for continuous data storage even where cabling is not possible or a mobile phone network is not available. As an autonomous data logger, the SDL-M stores up to 7.8 million measured values with the option of additional storage space. The data is conveniently transferred to a laptop via USB cable.


The optimal solution for many metrological monitoring tasks: The autonomous data logger records the data at regular intervals and transfers it via LTE-M to the Solexperts IoT platform (or to the customer-specific FTP server).


The SDL-G is a data logger that has been specially developed for use in boreholes. The data logger is housed in a robust, IP69 waterproof, cylindrical stainless steel housing with a diameter of 49 mm and a length of 40 mm, which can be placed directly at the head of a borehole with 2'' pipework, for example. The logger is thus protected in the borehole and does not protrude beyond the drill head, which enables a compact and safe installation.

Specifications and functions

Housing: Splash-proof IP 66 housing, the material and size depend on the SDL type.

Power supply: Lithium battery, ready-made (optional alkaline batteries); autonomy for at least 48 months with a measuring interval of one hour and daily data transmission. Possibility of external power supply with solar panel, external batteries or mains connection (230V).

Data memory: Non-volatile memory for 7.8 million measured values with time stamp, or 493,000 measurement intervals with 16 sensors.

Measurement data acquisition:

  • Basic unit with 16-bit resolution,
  • Analogue inputs: 8 differential or 16 single-ended
  • Voltage signal 0- 2.5V (0-5V, 0 -10V)
  • Current signal 0 - 20 mA (active and passive)
  • Temperature Pt1000
  • Potentiometer (resistive)
  • Digital inputs for pressure, inclination, etc.
  • Further signal inputs on request
  • Separate lightning protection for each channel


  • USB for local communication and data transfer via cable connection to PC/laptop
  • Solexperts data bus (RS485) for operation in combination with other Solexperts Bus Interfaces (SBI).
  • LTE modem for connection to the Internet via mobile network for data transmission,
  • remote configuration via Solexperts IoT platform


  • SDL tool, user-friendly PC application (Windows XP/Windows 7)
  • Up to max. 250 configurable channels (analogue / digital inputs on the SDL, with expansion interface SBI via data bus)
  • Transmission of the configuration via USB cable or Solexperts IoT platform

Christian Brunner

System Engineer

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