Solexperts Data Logger

The Solexperts Data Logger (SDL) is a battery-powered data acquisition system for up to 50 analogue and digital sensors. Whether as a stand-alone data logger (SDL-M), with a radio module (SDL-R) for regular manual data readout or with a GPRS modem (SDL-G) for automatic data transfer to the WebDAVIS server - the SDL works reliably in all applications. As SDL-G, the logger also sends warning and alarm messages via SMS or e-mail as soon as a limit value is exceeded. 


The SDL is very easy to configure with the SDL-Tool, a PC application for Windows and Linux. The data can be transferred to the PC/laptop via USB cable or wirelessly. WebDAVIS allows easy access to the measurement data. Via the WebDAVIS server, configuration can also be done conveniently from the office. The next time the SDL is connected to the server, the new settings are applied.

With the SDL and WebDAVIS, the data flow from data acquisition to visualisation has never been easier!


Christian Brunner

System Engineer

T 0041 44 806 29 83