Heavy-Duty Double-Packer Systems (HDDP)

Solexperts developed the Heavy-Duty Double-Packer System (HDDP) for the geohydraulic characterisation of hard rock up to 2000 m depth. The robust test equipment is characterised by high measurement accuracy and great reliability.

Special system components such as a coated 4-fold measuring cable mounted on a winch with hydraulic power unit, adapted installation tools from the petroleum industry such as tubing spider and tubing elevators and of test rods with lengths up to 9 m are used. Therefore, the installation and removal times of the HDDP system can be significantly reduced.

Design of the Heavy-Duty Double-Packer System

The adjacent illustration shows the schematic design of the test system with the most important down-hole components:

  • Down-hole probe with temperature and pressure measurements in, above and below the test interval
  • The double packer assembly with individually inflatable packers and a filter for the access to the interval
  • The shut-in valve to close and open the access port to the test interval



Dr. Thomas Trick

Hydrogeologist UPC

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Product Manager KVZ

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