Heavy-duty double packer system, Gobi Desert, China

For the hydrogeological site investigation of possible deep geological repositories for radioactive waste, BRIUG (Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology) ordered a Solexperts Heavy-Duty Double Packer System (HDDP).

Our representation in China: Dogain Tech  http://www.dogaintech.com/en/#fsvs-initial-setup

Heavy Duty Double Packer Systems (HDDP)

Hydrogeological in-situ exploration in deep boreholes up to 2000 m

  • Depth-differentiated determination of geohydraulic parameters
  • High measurement accuracy and reliability
  • short installation times of the test system
  • Graphic representation of the test data in real time
  • Evaluation of the test data during the test
  • Permanent monitoring of the test procedure and optimisation of the test times
  • depth-differentiated sampling

After training by Solexperts specialists, test teams from BRIUG successfully carried out hydraulic tests in several deep boreholes at possible locations in the Gobi Desert and took groundwater samples from defined borehole sections.


Michael Kech

Product Manager KVZ

Member of the extended executive board
Manager Hydro Systems / Groundwater monitoring and testing systems / Mining / CO2 sequestration / Marketing / Asia, South America

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Markus Bosshard


Chief Technician in-situ Testing

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