Preliminary exploration of Triftsee

As part of a possible construction of the Trift water reservoir and power plant by the Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO) based in Innertkirchen, the construction of a new arch dam is planned. In the future, a 20-metre thick and 177-metre high arch dam should be built at approximately the same place where the suspension bridge currently crosses the Trift water. The backed-up water in the lake would amount to about 85 million cubic metres and would de facto be almost the same size as the Grimsel lake reservoir. The water would then be turbined in the new power plant at the top station of the Trift cable car.

Test programme

As part of the geological investigation, we were commissioned to perform hydraulic packer tests (HPT) and dilatometer tests in 4 boreholes on both sides of the Trift bridge. The aim was to determine rock moduli, hydraulic permeabilities and the hydraulic head.


Karam Kontar

Engineering Geologist / Hydrogeologist CHYN

Member of the extended executive board
Division Manager Hydrogeology / Hydrogeological instrumentation and tests / Hydro-tests in shallow and deep boreholes

T +41 (0) 44 806 29 85

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Michael Kech

Product Manager KVZ

Member of the extended executive board
Manager Hydro Systems / Groundwater monitoring and testing systems / Mining / CO2 sequestration / Marketing / Asia, South America

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Dr. Nathan Dutler

Geophysist / Hydrogeologist CHYN

Project Manager

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Giacomo Ruggia

Engineering Geologist ETHZ

Project leader

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Dr. Thomas Trick

Hydrogeologist UPC

Managing director Solexperts AG and branches /
Manager Solexperts France SARL /
Manager Solexperts GmbH

T +41 (0) 44 806 29 29

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