Analysis of hydraulic tests

HUGO test and evaluation software

Our hydrogeologists are experts both in the performance and in the evaluation of hydraulic tests. The analysis is carried out in multiple steps, already starting during the field work:

  • The recorded data are automatically transferred to our evaluation computers. The test phases are continuously analysed and checked for plausibility using the HUGO evaluation software developed by Solexperts.
  • After completion of the measurements, the field evaluations are revised in the office and the analysis is refined. The hydraulic tests and their results are documented in a detailed report.

Numerical evaluations with the nSights software

Typically, a basic numerical analysis with nSights is conducted as follows:

  • Re-evaluation of the field analysis results using analytical methods
  • Evaluation of the flow geometry
  • Extended analysis with respect to internal boundary conditions, for example borehole effects
  • Review of external boundary conditions (boundary effects)
  • Assessment of the uncertainity of the individual parameters by statistical methods (confidence intervals, ranges)

This basic evaluation is followed by a detailed analysis, which includes the following evaluation steps:

  • Examination of the role of the 'non-fitting' parameters
  • Perturbation analysis: Evaluation of the quality and uniqueness of the inverse parameter estimation by varying the input parameters, possible adaptation of the evaluation model, depending on whether the error sums indicate a global minimum or several local minima.
  • For non-ideal test conditions: Taking into account of special effects such as temperature changes (possible effect on pressure development in tight zones) or borehole convergence.

Saphir evaluation software

For the characterisation of transmissive reservoirs, Solexperts uses the software Saphir® of the company Kappa Engineering, especially if additional information concerning aquifer properties is required. Saphir® supports numerous well, reservoir and boundary models.



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