Brenner Base Tunnel

The southernmost construction section of the Brenner Base Tunnel connects the Brenner Base Tunnel with the existing Brenner railway and the Franzensfeste railway station. A total of 4.5 km of main tunnel and 1.2 km of connecting tunnel are constructed. After completion of the consolidation, 4 shafts were excavated to reach the level of the tunnel tubes at approx. 20-25 metres below the surface. From there, the main and connecting tunnels are  driven northwards together with the undercrossing of the Eisack river.

Thermal leak detection

Most of the work in this construction lot is taking place in the loose rock of the valley floor. Therefore, a number of measures were necessary to consolidate the loose rock before the start of the tunnelling work. The consolidation of the soil was carried out with the so-called jet-grouting, for example.

For this project, GTC-Kappelmeyer performed the thermal leak detection in shafts. 

Pumpversuch September 2017
Pumpversuch Dezember 2017


Axel Fabritius


Member of the extended executive board
Branch manager Solexperts GmbH Karlsruhe
Thermal leak detection / Temperature measurements

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