Milano Tangenziale

The Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano (short form: TEM, German: Östliche außerstädtische Stadtumfahrung Milano) is a motorway under construction in northern Italy, located entirely in the Lombardy region. The new motorway, in addition to the existing Milan Eastern Bypass, is intended to help relieving the chronically congested roads in the greater Milan area and better distribute traffic.

Thermal leak detection

In a section in the Segrate district in the immediate vicinity of buildings and road bridges over the excavation pits, a deep excavation pit was constructed over several kilometres. Jet-grouting was applied to the bottom of the excavation pit, which was divided into 18 sections. After each jet-grouting in the bottom, GTC-Kappelmeyer carried out the thermal leak detection.

Thermische Leckortung Mailand
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