Dilatometer tests: International Airport three-runway system

A third runway system is being added to Hong Kong International Airport. A new airport platform - adjacent to the existing northern runway - will be backfilled above the sea floor. To minimise settlements of the soft sea floor during and after backfilling, deep-reaching cement injections will be made in the seabed. As a quality assurance measure, the mechanical properties of the compacted seabed will be verified with dilatometer tests.

Dilatometer 72 mm

In NQ (76 mm) boreholes drilled from pontoons into the compacted sea floor, Solexperts Dilatometer 72 mm systems are used to measure the E and D moduli of the compacted ground. 

In addition to the delivery of the dilatometer equipment, which includes data acquisition and evaluation software, on-site training was provided to the client.

The Dilatometer 72 mm system meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO standard 22476-5:2012 - Geotechnical exploration and investigation - Field investigations - Part 5: Testing with the flexible dilatometer.


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