hiDCon Cigar-Lake

The Cigar-Lake mine in Canada is one of the largest uranium mines in the world with uranium of very high purity. The mine is about 500 m deep and was flooded several times in the past. The mine was sealed with icing measures, first from underground and later from the surface. Due to the freezing and the associated volume increase, the lining of the galleries is massively stressed and partially destroyed.

Solution: shotcrete lining with hiDCon elements with convergence capacity

Conversion of the lining from a rigid tubing shell (B90, 60 cm thickness) to a flexible shotcrete shell with lattice girders and hiDCon elements (shotcrete thickness 20 cm). 

The construction method was included in the operating licence of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for the Cigar Lake Mine.



Patrick Steiner

Civil Engineer

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Markus Stolz

Civil Engineer

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