Dilatometer tests

Dilatometer tests are carried out in boreholes to determine in-situ deformation and elasticity moduli of unconsolidated rock and bedrock. We use dilatometer probes developed and manufactured by Solexperts.  Three displacement transducers are located in the centre of the probe, each with an offset of 120°. For the dilatation of the borehole, a load is evenly applied to the borehole wall with a rubber sleeve. In contrast to probes from other manufacturers, the displacement transducers in our dilatometer probes are in direct contact with the borehole wall and therefore measure the deformations of the rock or soil without bias.

The Solexperts dilatometer system

  • Measurements at depths up to 1400 m in boreholes with diameters of 76 mm, 96 mm, 101 mm, 122 mm, 146 mm at maximum pressures up to 200 bar
  • Unbiased measurement results due to direct contact between displacement transducers and formation (borehole wall)
  • Determination of moduli without correction factors due to uniform application of the pressure by the flexible rubber sleeve
  • Integrated compass for orientation of rock anisotropies
  • Online recording and presentation of the measured values for optimal test control
  • Pressurisation with nitrogen or compressed air is environmentally friendly and efficient


Dr. Thomas Trick

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Gerd Klee


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Hydrofrac tests / Geomechanical laboratory tests

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Médéric Piedevache

Engineering Geologist ENSG

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Dr. Nathan Dutler

Geophysist / Hydrogeologist CHYN

Project Manager

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