Distributed strain and temperature measurements by fibre optic sensors

The distributed fiber optic measurement systems consist of a special optical interrogator and fiber optic sensor cables with a coating which is best adjusted to the installation on the structure. Large structures can be monitored with fibre optic sensors. Depending on the interrogation system selected, the spatial resolution is less than a milimeter up to several meters. The interrogators use various measurement techniques based on the scattering of light emitted by the interrogator and passing through the optical fiber: Rayleigh and Brillouin scattering, sensitive to temperature and deformation; Raman scattering, sensitive to temperature only.

Complete service

Solexperts performs high precision temperature corrected fibre optic strain measurements and offers a complete service including:

  • Design of the instrumentation
  • Preparation and calibration of fibre optic sensor cables
  • Installation on site (e.g. integrated into concrete structures, bonded to steel surfaces or cemented into boreholes), then connection to the interrogator with remote data transmission.
  • Data analysis

Example pile load test 

Our Interrogators

Solexperts has two complementary optical interrogators, offering the latest technologies in the field: 

  • A Neubrescope NBX-7031 (Rayleigh TW-COTDR and Brillouin PPP-BOTDA technology), with a spatial resolution up to 2 cm, accuracy of 10 nε / 0.001°C and range of 27 km.
  • A Luna ODiSI-6108 (Rayleigh OFDR technology) with 8 measurement channels, less than one millimeter spatial resolution and an acquisition frequency up to ~100 Hz over a length of 50 m.



Benjamin Helmlinger

Engineering Geologist ENSG

Hydrogeological instrumentation, R&D

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Dr. Sebastian Brenne


Project Manager

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Axel Fabritius


Member of the extended executive board
Branch manager Solexperts GmbH Karlsruhe
Thermal leak detection / Temperature measurements

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Marcel Hubrig

Geodetic Engineer

Deputy division manager geotechnics /
Geotechnical instrumentation and measurements /
Geodetic monitoring

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