Berne railway station; measure Postparc Lot 1.2
Monitoring of the north and south girders

The Regionalbahn Bern Solothurn (RBS) constructs a new underground station under the existing SBB station in Bern (Postparc building). Before the construction of the caverns for the underground station, the Postparc building must be supported. Two girders were built in the subsoil, which transfer the forces into the subsoil under the caverns to be constructed on bearings made of micropiles. Solexperts was commissioned for the instrumentation of the girders and the foundation.

Installed sensors

Conventional sensors:

  • Pressure in hydraulic jacks with pressure sensors
  • Displacement/heave of hydraulic jacks with displacement transducers
  • Hydrostatic levels for settlement and heave
  • Temperatures
  • VW strain gauges for strain on micropiles
  • Load cells for pre-stressing
  • Strain in base plate with displacement transducer
  • Displacements in the ground with inclinometer chains and extensometers

Fibre optic sensors

  • Distributed strain and temperature sensing in the girders
  • Distributed strain and temperature sensing at the micropiles

Data acquisition with GeoMonitor

The Solexperts GeoMonitor II data acquisition and control system is used for data acquisition. It connects the decentralised system components (interfaces) with the measuring centre via an RS485 bus.

The data bus connects the interfaces of the Solexperts Bus Interface (SBI) type. The sensors are connected to the SBIs which record the measurement signal, digitise it with analogue-digital converters and transmit it to the data acquisition system.


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