Gas measurements

In recent years Solexperts specialised in in-situ gas measurements both in the gas phase and dissolved in groundwater. In France, a very successful cooperation was established with the Institut Georessources of the University of Lorraine and in Switzerland with the ETH and EAWAG. Several systems have been successfully used in various rock laboratory experiments and CBM drilling. For the developed gas measurement technology, Solexperts filed a patent in November 2022 (EP 22210240, Probe and method for gas analysis in boreholes) and registered two trademarks; SurfMoG® for near-surface applications and SysMoG® for measurements in (deep) boreholes.

Current applications 

  • Exploration of CBM sites (Coal Bed Methane) in Lorraine
  • Observation of steel corrosion and microbiological processes in repository demonstration experiments in the rock laboratories
  • Experiments to prove the efficiency of geological barriers in the context of CO2 sequestration  


Médéric Piedevache

Engineering Geologist ENSG

Member of the extended executive board
Branch manager Nancy, France

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Yanick Lettry

Geologe / Hydrogeologist CHYN

Hydrogeological instrumentation and tests /
QM hydrogeological Instrumentation / Geochemistry

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Jocelyn Gisiger

Geologist ETHZ

Hydrogeological instrumentation and tests

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Thomas Fierz

Civil Engineer ETHZ

Managing director Solexperts AG and branches /
Manager Solexperts France SARL /
Manager Solexperts GmbH

T +41 (0) 44 806 29 56

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