Multi-Packer Systems (MP)

The Multi-Packer System is a versatile and cost-effective multiple packer system that can already be installed in very small borehole diameters (from 50 mm).

Specifications of the MP system

  • Each observation interval is accessible via polyamide or stainless steel lines
  • Pressure measurement and sampling at the borehole mouth
  • Multiple ports per interval possible, e.g. for circulation or venting
  • Up to 10 independent observation intervals
  • Interval lengths from 15 cm
  • Simple system design
  • Accessories such as sensors or pump at the monitoring head
  • Cost-effective, for borehole diameters from 50 mm



Médéric Piedevache

Engineering Geologist ENSG

T 0033 3 83 94 04 50

Rico Hafner

Technician HF Mechanical Engineering
Polymechanic, designer

T 0041 44 806 29 40