SPMP System Rock Laboratory Horonobe, Japan

As part of the long-term hydrogeological and geochemical monitoring programme of the area surrounding the JAEA Rock Laboratory in Horonobe, Japan, the 750 m deep HDB-2 well was instrumented with a Solexperts Stand-Pipe Multipacker system

Specifications of the installed Stand Pipe Packer System

  • 7 individually infatable packers
  • 7 sampling ports for groundwater samples
  • 7 observation intervals with individual standpipe
  • Total of approx. 4 km standpipes
  • Pore water pressure and temperature measurement in standpipe
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Material packer sleeves: natural rubber


Michael Kech

Product Manager KVZ

Member of the extended executive board
Manager Hydro Systems / Groundwater monitoring and testing systems / Mining / CO2 sequestration / Marketing / Asia, South America

T +41 (0) 44 806 29 54

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