Automatic 3D deformation and displacement measurement

Especially in construction projects, 3D deformation measurements make a significant contribution to the safety of the building and play an important role in risk management.

The GeoMonitor records the deformations and transfers the data to a web-based platform where the measurement data is visualised. In addition, the platform holds further project-specific information and makes the data available for further evaluations.

Typical applications

  • Rockfall areas
  • (inner-city) tunnel construction
  • Compensation injections
  • Bridges
  • Consolidation tests

Solexperts offers various measurement systems for automatic 3D deformation monitoring so that project requirements can optimally be met. 

  • Tachymeter: The tachymeter records the deformation of fixed prisms as a three-dimensional vector.
  • Motorised digital level: The motorised digital level allows the measurement of settlements and heaves of a large number of points with the high precision of a levelling instrument.
  • Hydrostatic settlement measurement systems: These systems are installed where there is no line-of-sight , such as inside buildings. The measurements are highly accurate and are used for long-term monitoring as well as for settlement and heave monitoring during injection work.
  • Inclinometers: Inclination sensors can be installed in both horizontal and vertical boreholes. Deformations along a borehole are recorded with a chain of inclination sensors. 
  • Other measuring systems, such as borehole extensometers, complement the automatic 3D deformation measurement.



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