Trical Software

The Trical software is used for processing and evaluating measured values and measurement results of the Sliding Micrometer, Sliding Deformeter, Trivec and Borehole Inlinometer. The measured values are usually transferred from the field computer to the office PC or entered manually and then evaluated. The evaluation includes graphical and numerical representations of the displacement profiles in the vertical Z-direction or in the borehole direction and in the two horizontal directions X and Y. The measuring tube rotation is also evaluated. The measuring tube rotation and the measuring tube orientation are taken into account by coordinate transformation. The measurement results can be output in different languages and, for use in other programmes, also as result files.



Displacements along profiles
Publications Sliding Micrometer and Trivec
Borehole extensometer
Pile tests
Displacement measurement between two points

Christoph Mangold


Project Manager Geotechnics

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Markus Stolz

Civil Engineer

Member of the extended executive board
Division manager geotechnics /
Geotechnical instrumentation and measurements / hiDCon

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