Project: Mythenquai cable car, Zürichhorn
Pile tension and pressure test in Lake Zurich on Kidrill piles

As part of the project planning for the cable car across Lake Zurich from Mythenquai to Zürichhorn, two static pile tests were carried out on the Zürichhorn side. The tests for the foundation of the cableway supports took place at their planned locations, approx. 70-80 m from the shore. Two Kidrill piles with a total length of 48 m each and a shaft diameter of 508 mm were tested.

Tensile test

The tensile test was carried out on the test pile PPB. A construction supported by reaction piles served as an abutment. The load was applied via a hydraulic cylinder and transferred to the pile head by means of tie rods. The cylinder and the load stabiliser with hydraulic pump were connected to form a circuit.

Compression test

For the pile compression test, an identical cylinder was used as in the tensile test and placed between the pile head and the yoke. The abutment construction with the reaction piles, the hydraulic loading equipment and the measuring configuration were identical.



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