Economic efficiency calculations

We offer economic feasibility and sensitivity analyses for the planning and operation of a deep geothermal plant. The software used has been further developed and updated over many years, so that a flexible solution now is available for different types of power plants and reservoirs.


The software combines all geophysical and engineering plant parts as components to an overall model, which is created in close cooperation with the customer. The physical results of this model form the basis for the economic feasibility calculation, in which all financial data are evaluated.


A key feature of the software is its modularity, which allows flexibility in all areas. This means that different net present value or control systems can be applied, and the physical model of the plant can be varied as desired. Through defined interfaces, data and results from other programmes (e.g. FD, FE programmes on the heat exchanger) can also be easily integrated. Each plant (project) is divided into the three areas of investment, ongoing operation and dismantling. In the investment area, all work steps are considered that are necessary to put the plant into operation. In ongoing operation, all income and expenses are processed for the entire life of the plant. During dismantling, the costs and residual values at the end of the project are taken into account.

With this software a geothermal project can be supported in the economic analysis in an efficient and detailed way. The software calculates the electricity production costs per kilowatt hour from all data and for all variations of parameters. In addition, the financial progress of a change, e.g. in the flow rate, can easily be determined.